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Cloud mining

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A cryptocurrency cloud mining service that allows you to earn really big money from mining the most popular cryptocurrencies.


The large income of the Zirof platform is due to the high level of knowledge of its specialists who create truly optimal solutions.
All data centers of our platform use exclusively renewable energy.

Depending on the selected package and the availability of bonuses, the average income per day is from 1.2% to 3.9% of the size of the investment

Investment amount

The variety and reasonableness of various investment packages allows us to accept people of any size of investment into a team.
The size of one investment is limited, while the number of investments is unlimited.

The first investment package starts at $1, the last one stops at $100,000

Accrual of income, reinvestment

Accrual of income to your balance occurs every hour. Depending on the selected settings, the income will be credited to the balance sheet or reinvested in the total investment amount.
When reinvesting is activated, every hour a bonus of 30% will be accrued on the amount of your income.

Depending on the selected package, a return on investment is possible in 55-95 days

Payments, transfers

Only money received as interest of the referral program, percent of the investment, or after the return of the deposit is available for withdrawal.
Перевод средств возможен любому пользователю на сайте, вне зависимости от наличия у него инвестиций.

The minimum amount for withdrawal is $ 2, for transfer - $ 1


The first month of Zirof platform work, all new users will receive a gift - an investment of $1.

At the end of the investment, it will be closed, while all the income received will be available for use.

Referral program

A limitless system of referral levels can bring you really a lot of money.


From each referral purchase 1-lvl

The size of the team in each of the levels is not limited

From each referral purchase 2-lvl

Invite active people and your income will grow exponentially

From each referral purchase 3-lvl

To get profit from referrals, the amount of investment must be at least $ 5

From each referral purchase 4-lvl

Referral income is credited immediately after the investment

From each referral purchase 5-lvl

The funds received are immediately available for withdrawal.
For each subsequent referral level, the percentage of profit will be half as much as the previous one, but due to the unlimited system it will only increase revenue.


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